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Great Changes in School Lunches for Healthy Kids

December 19, 2012

Michelle Obama is seen here joining students at Parklawn Elementary School in Alexandria, VA, for a healthy lunch of turkey tacos, black bean and corn salad, and fresh fruit, prepared by celebrity chef Rachael Ray

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2012 was signed by President Obama as a major step forward in America’s effort to provide all children with healthy foods in their schools.

Since then USDA guidelines are implementing  important provisions of the legislation, which includes significant improvements that will help provide children with healthier and more nutritious food options, educate children about making healthy food choices, and teach children healthy habits that can last a lifetime, says a White House statement.

Michelle Obama is a standard-barer for the legislation through her “Let’s Move” initiative that is focused on improving child nutrition and reducing childhood obesity.

“The standards make the same kinds of practical changes that many parents are already encouraging at home,” said Mrs. Obama.

Those include substantially increasing the amount of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in meals, while reducing saturated fat, trans fats, and sodium, and setting calorie limits based on the age of the children.

“When we send our kids to school, we have a right to expect that they won’t be eating the kind of fatty, salty, sugary foods that we’re trying to keep from them when they’re at home,” said the First Lady. “We have a right to expect that the food they get at school is the same kind of food that we want to serve at our own kitchen tables.”

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