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Beat the Binge: Healthy Holiday Habits

December 12, 2014

images-3Enjoy the Holidays AND Stay Healthy with These Simple Tips
Holiday parties are in full-swing, and you may be tempted to ditch your usually healthy lifestyle under the mistletoe! However, there are a few very simple ways to enjoy the holidays without the guilt and the extra pounds that come with overindulging. 

Don’t Forget to Eat
If you’ve decided to skip breakfast and lunch to go hog-wild at the holiday happy hour, you may want to rethink your strategy. Going to any event, holiday or otherwise, on an empty stomach is never a good idea. Instead, eat several small meals throughout the day. You’ll not only speed up your metabolism, but you’re also much less likely to binge on holiday treats. You can start off the day with a Mayesa – hot, chilled or mixed in with your breakfast smoothie. A healthy beverage like Mayesa is also a great snack choice if you get hungry in between meals.

Pre-Party with a Workout
Going to brunch with friends to celebrate the season? Head to the gym, go for a walk or hop on your bike before you get into party mode. It’s important to retain your active lifestyle especially during the craziness of the holidays—it’s good for your overall physical, mental and emotional health. And as an added bonus: Your metabolism is working on overdrive after a hard workout. This means that you will be more effective at burning the calories consumed at all those holiday functions.

Bring on the Healthy Goodness
It’s no secret that the array of food offerings at holiday gatherings tends to be on the somewhat unhealthy to really unhealthy side. Why not bring a delicious, yet delicious option to the table? As a Healthy Dark Chocolate Drink, Mayesa is the perfect addition to any holiday buffet. Your friends, neighbors and coworkers will thank you for the opportunity to enjoy chocolaty goodness without all of the guilt.

Slow Down, Way Down
We’ve all done it: Hastily shoved every last appetizer on our plate in our mouths, already anticipating the next round of scrumptious finger foods. Not only can this lead to a serious case of indigestion, but also to unnecessary calorie consumption. It can take at least 20 minutes for our brains to signal that we’re actually full. This means that slower eaters consume fewer calories before feeling full than those who race through their meals. So, take a break, work the room and really think about whether you’re still hungry before you reach for the next hors d’oeuvre.

A Little Goes a Long Way
If you just can’t resist your coworker’s gingerbread cookies, by all means have a bite or two. The key is to remember that you don’t have to finish the entire cookie. Scientists have found that we receive less pleasure the more we eat of a particular food. So have a few bites of that yummy holiday treat and save the rest for later.

Location, Location, Location
At parties, it’s a well-known fact that people gather near the food. However, the close proximity to the sights and smells of holiday cooking is simply too tempting for most of us. When food is within reach, it is much too easy to keep eating long after your brain has given the “all done” signal. The solution: Stay far enough away from the buffet table that you can’t reach over and grab a handful of munchies without thinking or maneuvering around the crowd.

Write It Down
This healthy living tip is good year-round, but is especially relevant during the busy holiday season: Keep a food and exercise journal. You’ll be kept accountable and will be less likely to skip out on the gym and more likely to keep a close eye on how many chips you put on your plate.

Live a Little
On the other hand, don’t beat yourself up if you overindulge at a holiday party or two. It’s not the end of the world, and the effects of these choices will be short-lived if you grab a Mayesa and take a walk around the block to look at all of those beautiful holiday lights.

To learn more about Mayesa and where you can snag your family this healthy holiday treat alternative (or addition), visit our store locator page or order online. Have a happy and healthy holiday everyone!

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