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Life Changing Tips From Nike and Glenn Matanza – Health and Fitness Coaches AND Mayesa Fans!

January 13, 2015

Nike and Glenn photo for blogAre you interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle in 2015, but not sure where to begin? Read on for excellent guidance from health and fitness coaches Nike and Glenn Matanza, whose clients range from elite athletes to those who simply want to be healthier, happier and have more energy. 

Be Committed!
One of the best ways to become healthier and have these habits “stick” long-term is to make a commitment to healthy changes. According to Nike, putting a plan and goals in writing is a key element of success. She recommends that you sign a contract to hold yourself accountable and have your entire family sign the contract too. This is helpful for a couple of reasons: 1) It allows your family, including your kids, to encourage you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, and 2) It helps to teach your children the importance of healthy eating habits and exercise.

Nike also suggests posting the program plan and goals somewhere everyone in the family can see it. (This means no excuses for “not knowing” about what healthy lifestyle goals that have been set!)

40-day Plan To Begin New Healthy Habits
Nike recommends having a 40-day commitment to start your new healthy lifestyle plan.

1. No processed sugar.

2. No grains (this might be hard, but Nike and Glenn state that if you stick to it, you will be glad you did).

3. Exercise for 30 minutes 5 times per week. This could include walking briskly, biking and body weight exercises (push-ups, steps, etc.). Once you start feeling the endorphin response from exercise, you body will want more, so be sure to stay with the 5 times per week commitment.

4. No alcohol and no caffeine. Mayesa is a DELICIOUS alternative to coffee and will give you an all-natural energy boost.

5. No eating out.

6. Eat a plant-based diet and stay away from processed foods. Choose “better for you snacks” like Mayesa when you feel hungry in between meals.

7. Be sure your protein intake is sufficient and good quality. Try to buy organic as much as possible. You may want to add Mayesa to your smoothies. (Mayesa contains pea protein, which is an excellent protein choice).

Make it Fun!
Nike and Glenn both advocate making healthy living fun for the whole family. Get outside if possible to exercise – hike, bike, walk, run or swim!

When you feel like you need a chocolate fix, drink a Mayesa! As a delicious and Healthy Dark Chocolate Drink, Mayesa will satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing your healthy lifestyle plan.

Being healthy can and should be fun, so remember to approach these new habits with enthusiasm! A little family competition might be a good way to bring a fun twist to the program.

Life-Changing Results
According to Nike, the goal of this 40-day healthy living program is to develop some habits that will not only benefit every organ and system in your body, but also help you feel (and look) better.

Make 2015 about getting healthy and see how your life changes! For more information about Mayesa and how it can help you adopt a healthier and happier lifestyle, please visit Mayesa’s website. To find out where to purchase Mayesa, please visit our Store Locator page or order online.  Click here to find more information about Nike and Glenn Matanza, health and fitness coaches.

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    i start every day with mayesa
    It satisfies me without making me feel weighed down and gives me energy to start my day. I also love that I can take it with me if I am going for a hike or out running errands. If I start to get hungry, it fills me up and takes away the craving for something unhealthy

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