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Mayesa Helps Create “An Evening to Remember”

March 5, 2015

IMG_2053On March 7, 2015, two members of the Mayesa family will be dancing the night away at the 6th annual celebration of An Evening to Remember, an incredible event put on by the Special People Special Needs Foundation. Lea Renay, a Mayesa Brand Ambassador, and her two-year-old daughter, Cassia will enjoy an evening of food, dancing and fun at the Wings over the Rockies – Air and Space Museum in Denver, Colorado. As in previous years, the festivities are free of charge to those with special needs and their families. In order to put on such an event, EVERYTHING must be donated – from the tablecloths and centerpieces to the food and beverages. Mayesa is proud to have donated 1,200 cartons of our Dark Chocolate Drink for guests to enjoy.

One of the highlights of the evening will be a fashion show featuring models who have physical or intellectual differences, and Cassia, who has Down’s Syndrome, will be one of these inspirational fashionistas. “I am looking forward to Cassia walking the red carpet as the youngest model, tons of time on the dance floor and meeting like minded families,” revealed Lea.

It is important to Lea that she supports organizations that help people with special needs so that she can better understand what Cassia may encounter as she grows up. “At this point of her life, I don’t see her as anything different than a typical child. She is ‘special’ because she is Cassia and not because of an extra chromosome 21,” said Lea, the owner of Rising Harmonics, a well-being and healing center in Denver.

Working for a company like Mayesa that is both community and health minded is also important to Lea. She loves the fact that she is able to share a healthy snack option with others. She and Cassia both drink Mayesa—Cassia is a huge fan of the banana flavor, while Lea’s favorite is a toss-up between mint and banana— and enjoy the delicious taste along with the great benefits of cacao. “Dark Chocolate is a super food and to gain its benefits with only 120 calories is a bonus!” shared Lea, who adds Mayesa to her morning coffee and drinks a Mayesa as a mid-afternoon snack and natural pick-me-up.

There’s no doubt that Lea and Cassia will be treating themselves to Mayesa as they gear up for Saturday night’s festivities. In addition to the buffet dinner, fashion show and plenty of dancing (tunes will be provided by The Fabulous Joelman, who has cerebral palsy), there will be games, crafts and photo opportunities. Guests can also explore the Air and Space Museum.

For more information about An Evening to Remember and the Special People Special Needs Foundation, please email aneveningtoremember@specialpeoplespecialneeds.org. To learn more about Mayesa and where you can buy this great-tasting and healthy Dark Chocolate Drink, visit our store locator page. Or you can order online and take advantage of our Free Shipping offer from March 8th through March 9th – just in time for Daylight Saving Time!

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