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Team Mayesa: Spotlight on Nike Matanza, World Class Triathlete

October 15, 2015

IMG_1241On November 1, 2015, Nike Matanza will compete in the Xterra World Championships in Maui. She has worked incredibly hard to achieve this goal, coming in first overall among women in the recent San Diego Mission Bay Triathlon. It’s hard to believe that only three years ago, Nike was in and out of the ER with ongoing health issues that were difficult to diagnose. It turns out that Nike is battling autoimmune thyroiditis, also known as Hashimoto disease. Her health struggles have made Nike truly appreciate how far she has come since her diagnosis. In fact, Nike has put the disease in remission through dietary and lifestyle changes.

As a member of Team Mayesa, Nike is happy to share her triathlon training regimen and give some insight into how each and every one of us can be healthier, happier and more active.

Training, Training and More Training

To prepare for the upcoming Xterra World Championships, Nike is following a rigorous training schedule that challenges her body and her mind and pushes her to do her best. Here is the workout schedule she followed the week prior to the San Diego Mission Bay Triathlon:

Sunday: 65 minute trail run in the heat of the day to mimic Maui weather

Monday: Mountain bike ride with hills and a 40 minute swim, finishing with a strength workout to impact specific muscles that not used with large activities. This helps to prevent injuries.

Tuesday: Pool swim- 1000 yards warm up, 500 yards TT (time trial) and 10×100 yards (every other pushing hard).  Run – warm up 2x1k (kilometer) and then five fast 1ks. Finish with strength and core exercises.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Bay and ocean swim with run outs, mountain bike up to Soledad Mountain twice and finish with time trial bike on trainer and 20 minutes of strength/core exercises.

Friday: Swim at Mission Bay Triathlon race course, run 5k and finish with 2×2 minute race pace.

Saturday: Test time trial bike and prepare legs outdoors for 20 min.

Sunday: Race Day

Monday: Start again

It’s All About Balance

According to Nike, once she arrives on Maui on October 27, 2015, her focus will not only be on the race, but enjoying time with her family. “By the time I get off the plane, all the work will have been done. In Maui, we will preview and workout on the course up until Friday.  I certainly have a goal for what I want to accomplish, but balancing that with enjoying time with my family is also important,” states Nike. Her two sons, Ekin and Iris, husband Glenn (also her coach and an accomplished athlete), mother-in-law and her father will travel with her and will cheer her on during the race.

Inspiring Advice

Nike’s workout plan, her accomplishments and her dedication are inspiring to say the least! She is quick to point out, however, that EVERYONE can get healthier, be more active and achieve their fitness goals. Nike encourages outdoor activity for all ages.  “If you are sedentary, you can start with walking. If you are already walking, start tossing in some running.  Start slow with 10 or 15 minutes then increase by 10% each week. As you become fitter, your body will ask for more. Explore activities that bring you joy such as horseback riding, kayaking, dancing, tennis etc.  The passion for these activities will keep you doing them,” explained Nike.

She also encourages having a coach who can help guide you in the best direction. Nike and Glenn are both coaches who believe that lifestyle intervention is the key to being healthy in all aspects of your life.

We here at Mayesa wish Nike all the best at the Xterra World Championships and are excited for what the future holds for Nike and for all of you who are inspired to be healthier and happier!

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