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January 22, 2016

A special guest post by Mayesa President and Co-founder, Jane Adolph

After the first few weeks of the New Year, it is easy to slow down, hibernate (especially if you live somewhere cold) and settle back into your old routine with your meticulously thought out resolutions becoming a distant memory at best. Rather than dwelling on the fact that we’ve already forgotten or faulted on our resolutions for 2016, why not take a step back (again) and write them down, make a contract with yourself and work to stay present in that frame of mind – one that says success is 100% yours in 2016.

Make a contractual agreement.

Anytime we put something in writing, we give that thought, goal, or even just reminder a bit more power. Now is the perfect time to write down your resolutions and goals for 2016 and review them regularly throughout the coming year. Place your notes on the inside of your medicine cabinet, in your phone or inside a note book. Just be sure it is somewhere you will regularly look at and remind yourself of how great you are and how wonderful this next year will be!

Be present and mindful.

I already know that one of my main goals for 2016 is to focus more on enjoying and being conscious in the present moment.  You know the old saying, “the past is gone, the future has not occurred, but the current moment is a gift and that is why they call it the present.” (I have this mantra placed strategically throughout my office and home.) I believe we all think we already do this, but the reality is we are actually more distracted from the present moment than ever before as a result of daily stressors, and the ever-present need for technology and constant communication. Truly, how many of us have had a conversation with our partner, kids, parents, co-worker, etc. only to realize we missed most of what they were saying because we were too busy texting someone else? Does it count if you take your kids to the park but you never interact with them because you’re on your cell phone the entire time? These are moments in our lives we seldom get back. Take the time to be mindful and present, and put away any distractors.

Check in with yourself.

As I work towards perfecting my ability to be present, I decided to seek another’s perspective. I picked up Ariana Huffington’s, the cofounder of media empire The Huffington Post, latest book, Thrive.  Much of the book discusses our need to include “well-being” in our definition of success and what that looks like.  A big part of focusing on the present moment is about our health and well-being and the importance of reconnecting the two. Reconnecting at this moment means knowing you’re tired and just need to go to bed instead of doing those last emails, knowing you’re hungry and need a snack, does your back ache so you get away from your desk and take a walk, and so on. Whether you seek our other advice or not, take the time to pause and check in with your balancing of health and well-being.

Indulge Your Health.

For 2016, it is time to “Indulge Your Health”.  Indulge means to pamper, spoil, yield to… Wouldn’t you agree that it is time to pamper one’s health, whatever that means?  Mayesa believes whole-heartedly in the importance of Indulging Your Health, which is why our nutrient-rich drink displays and embodies this tagline proudly. Our goal is to provide a healthy, nutrient-dense, delicious drink that everyone could enjoy anytime and feel satisfied (never guilty) with having made a healthy choice.

So for 2016 we hope you will spoil and pamper your health with special attention paid to the present moment. Take time to be active every day, make healthy food choices (lots of available resources if you need guidance), get plenty of sleep (no 5 hours is not enough!!), and carve out at least a few minutes of quiet time just for you each day (maybe try meditation).

Stick with it. Be mindful. Be present. Be well.

“Indulge Your Health”

Jane Adolph, Mayesa Co-Founder

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