About Us

I’m Abby and I have a passion for all things healthy! From fitness and nutrition to wellness of body, mind and spirit…I’ve studied it, I’ve lived it and I’m excited to pass it along!

I first discovered the raw cacao bean while directing a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. This amazing energy-packed bean transformed me! I ate it raw and couldn’t get enough. It was the perfect natural energy boost I needed to teach classes, mentor students and take on the world. Soon, I turned my kitchen into a healthy place of discovery. I began making desserts, snacks, meals and drinks featuring cacao. I was able to fit chocolate into my life, guilt-free and reap the health benefits.

The drink that would later become Mayesa not only “fed me” but also energized me. I could feel the drink feeding my cells and benefiting my body. The exact balance I teach my students to seek when making food and beverage choices: Ask yourself,“Is this feeding me or filling me?” I always choose foods and drinks that “feed me,” knowing that with each bite or drink I’m moving toward better health.

Upon returning to the U.S., I shared Mayesa with two good friends. They thought it was nothing short of fantastic, and like me, wanted to share it with everyone! The three of us decided to bring Mayesa to as many people as possible! What could be better? Mayesa is Dark Chocolate… perfected. Dairy-free. Soy-free. Gluten-free. Vegan. Perfect!

We began our venture in Southern California and gained fans immediately. We are developing new products with premium cacao as the centerpiece of course! The team that makes up Mayesa, from the management to our board of directors, shares our core values in bringing to market only great tasting and nutritious products. We are committed to sourcing the best ingredients possible and delivering the best healthy Dark Chocolate Drink on the market! From our fair-trade, organic cacao and other natural ingredients to the recyclable, sustainable Tetra-Pak packaging, Mayesa is the “go to” drink for chocolate lovers of all ages.

If you’re like me and love Dark Chocolate and consuming drinks you can feel good about, I’m positive you’ll love Mayesa. Cheers!

“Life is better with chocolate!”

Abby Hanneman