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Mayesa Celebrates Mother’s Day

May 1, 2016

Dorothy and Mayesa

Loyal Mayesa fan Dorothy turned 92 May 1st

We LOVE Dark Chocolate!  In celebration of Mother’s Day, our delicious Cacao beverage, Mayesa, is on sale for the entire month of May on our website and Amazon.

What’s not to love about Dark Chocolate?  The ancient Mayans referred to Cacao as the food of the gods and liquid gold.  Cacao is truly a superfood and the main focus (ingredient) in our drink Mayesa.  Experience the delicious and satisfying taste of the world’s best dark chocolate drink.  Mayesa delights your mouth, surprises your mind, boosts your mood and restores your energy.  It is an amazing daily ritual.

The next time you crave something special, treat yourself with Mayesa.  The next time you crave chocolate, drink Mayesa! Here at Mayesa HQ, we drink it daily and sometimes twice a day :) !  After all, It’s dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free and vegan.  Check out the other great nutrients included with all that bliss!

Life is better with chocolate!

Spring into Action: Four Ways to Spruce Up Your Healthy Habits

April 16, 2015

bigstock-Family-On-Cycle-Ride-In-Countr-55016255Spring has officially sprung, and with the appearance of colorful blooms and warmer weather comes the opportunity to do some spring cleaning of not only your home and office, but of your body and mind. It’s time to get healthy, be active and have some fun in the great outdoors! (more…)