Is Mayesa Organic?

Mayesa is a healthy Dark Chocolate Drink made from a combination of organic cacao and other natural ingredients. The cacao we use is both organic and fair trade, and many of our other main ingredients are also organic. The pea protein we use is non-GMO and 100% plant based. We are committed to sourcing quality ingredients to bring the best product to our customers.

Why should I drink Mayesa (In other words, what does it do for me?)

Mayesa tastes great and is gently uplifting. Cacao, Mayesa’s major ingredient, the purest form of Dark Chocolate, is known as a superfood. There are many health benefits of dark chocolate. It is very high in antioxidants and Theobromine, which improves circulation to the heart, brain and other vital organs. Cacao also supports good digestive and immune system health. Mayesa also curbs your hunger and because cacao is high in anandamide – an endorphin known as the “bliss chemical” – itmakes you feel good too. Mayesa is a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Anytime! Mayesa is a great way to start your day or as a midday snack to satisfy your hunger or sweet tooth. Mayesa is great for all ages and serves as a wonderful alternative to soda, dairy and soy products. It also provides a natural energy boost before exercise and is an excellent post workout recovery drink.

Is it okay for kids?

Mayesa is great for all ages and serves as a wonderful alternative to soda, dairy, and soy products. Mayesa is high in potassium, offers 50% of the needed daily Vitamin D and 15% of your daily requirement for calcium.

If Mayesa is dariy-free and soy-free, then what is it?

Dark Chocolate is the main ingredient in Mayesa. We use a quality cacao from Peru and include higher amounts of Dark Chocolate in Mayesa than any other beverage on the market. We then add filtered water as a base to create an allergen free product. (Mayesa is also gluten-free).

Does dark chocolate have caffeine?

This is an urban legend that is hard to dispel. Cacao does not contain caffeine; instead it contains Theobromine (caffeine’s kinder and gentler cousin). Theobromine provides energy by dilating the cardiovascular system which improves blood flow to the heart, brain and other vital organs.

Is your cacao fair trade?

Yes, our cacao is both fair trade and organic. Mayesa is committed to sourcing the best cacao available.

Why do you use pea protein?

Pea protein offers a good biological value (BV) which means the actual amount of protein deposited per gram of protein absorbed is high. Pea protein is vegan, non-GMO, 100% plant based, gluten free, cholesterol free, highly absorbable and easy to digest.

Do I need to keep Mayesa refrigerated?

Mayesa is “shelf-stable” which means it does not need to be refrigerated. However, once you’ve opened it, please refrigerate if you plan to save some for later.

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