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July 27, 2016

Watch our new video and see why “Life is better with chocolate!”

Mayesa Celebrates Mother’s Day

May 1, 2016

Dorothy and Mayesa

Loyal Mayesa fan Dorothy turned 92 May 1st

We LOVE Dark Chocolate!  In celebration of Mother’s Day, our delicious Cacao beverage, Mayesa, is on sale for the entire month of May on our website and Amazon.

What’s not to love about Dark Chocolate?  The ancient Mayans referred to Cacao as the food of the gods and liquid gold.  Cacao is truly a superfood and the main focus (ingredient) in our drink Mayesa.  Experience the delicious and satisfying taste of the world’s best dark chocolate drink.  Mayesa delights your mouth, surprises your mind, boosts your mood and restores your energy.  It is an amazing daily ritual.

The next time you crave something special, treat yourself with Mayesa.  The next time you crave chocolate, drink Mayesa! Here at Mayesa HQ, we drink it daily and sometimes twice a day :) !  After all, It’s dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free and vegan.  Check out the other great nutrients included with all that bliss!

Life is better with chocolate!

Weight Loss and Mayesa

March 18, 2016

Weight Loss and Mayesa? Drinking Mayesa means more than enjoying a healthy dark chocolate drink. “Indulge Your Health” with Mayesa. Many of our customers have shared that they use Mayesa as part of their weight loss program. Mayesa makes a great snack choice during the day by satisfying your hunger and also satisfies that sweet tooth craving.

Mayesa is made from organic and fair trade cacao (dark chocolate). Dark Chocolate affects the satiety center in the brain when consumed so you no longer feel hungry. There is a good reason you feel satisfied after drinking Mayesa. Dark chocolate stabilizes the blood sugar level while also providing more energy from the theobromine in the cacao (not caffeine). Two additional attributes great for helping to lose weight.

There are many studies showing the benefits of Dark Chocolate as well as studies on the contribution to weight loss. Here are just a couple:

Life is better with chocolate! And healthier! Mayesa now available on Amazon.

Mayesa Cacao Dark Chocolate Beverage, Original, 8 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Mayesa Cacao Dark Chocolate Beverage – Mint – 8oz (12 Pack)

February: American Heart Month

February 12, 2016

February is a very busy month for celebrating the heart. For most of us, we immediately think of Valentine’s Day. Have you ever wondered how the connection of the heart and love came to be? Scientifically speaking, here’s how it works:  The brain sends signals to the adrenal gland, which secretes hormones such as adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine. They flow through the blood and cause the heart to beat faster and stronger. But what if you aren’t taking care of your heart, scientifically speaking?

We would like to take a step away from celebrating candy and chocolates to highlighting the importance of a strong heart and, more specifically, the strong heart of women. (more…)

Be Mindful. Stay Present.

January 22, 2016

A special guest post by Mayesa President and Co-founder, Jane Adolph

After the first few weeks of the New Year, it is easy to slow down, hibernate (especially if you live somewhere cold) and settle back into your old routine with your meticulously thought out resolutions becoming a distant memory at best. Rather than dwelling on the fact that we’ve already forgotten or faulted on our resolutions for 2016, why not take a step back (again) and write them down, make a contract with yourself and work to stay present in that frame of mind – one that says success is 100% yours in 2016. (more…)

Tips to Ring in 2016 with Health, Happiness and Fun

December 31, 2015

1402945_10152380873171707_164210221240803814_oIt is once again the beginning of a new year, a time for fresh starts and resolutions. Sticking with your resolutions can be tough, but with these wellness tips, you can make 2016 the year you make long-term changes for a healthy, happy and fun-loving lifestyle. (more…)

Put the Joy Back in the Holiday Season!

December 20, 2015

holiday-gifts‘Tis the season for mistletoe, gift-giving and holiday parties! It can also be the season of feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed. Read on for tips to keep your sanity and put the joy back in the holiday season. (more…)

Shifting the Focus This Holiday Season: Being Thankful for Family, Friends and Doing What You Love

November 22, 2015

6442_10151917403146707_1689663231_nRecently, REI, an outdoor gear and sporting goods retailer, announced that all store locations will be closed on Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. The company is encouraging employees, customers and the population in general to #optoutside. In other words, enjoy the season by spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Here at Mayesa, we really like this shift in focus and want our fans to get outside and enjoy all nature has to offer. We also want to take this idea a bit farther and encourage you to focus not only on being outside, but also on doing the things that you love with the people you love! (more…)

Fall into the Season! Jumpstart Your Autumn with These Fun Ideas

October 27, 2015

New-Hampshire-fall-foliage-540x358 From the leaves turning colors to the chill in the air and the appearance of jack-o-lanterns everywhere, Fall is definitely in full swing! Here at Mayesa, we love everything about fall, including the opportunities this wonderful season provides. Keep reading for a few tips to make the most out of autumn! (more…)

Team Mayesa: Spotlight on Nike Matanza, World Class Triathlete

October 15, 2015

IMG_1241On November 1, 2015, Nike Matanza will compete in the Xterra World Championships in Maui. She has worked incredibly hard to achieve this goal, coming in first overall among women in the recent San Diego Mission Bay Triathlon. It’s hard to believe that only three years ago, Nike was in and out of the ER with ongoing health issues that were difficult to diagnose. It turns out that Nike is battling autoimmune thyroiditis, also known as Hashimoto disease. Her health struggles have made Nike truly appreciate how far she has come since her diagnosis. In fact, Nike has put the disease in remission through dietary and lifestyle changes. (more…)

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