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Cacao as Medicine

December 22, 2013

cacao treeThousands of years ago the  ancient Aztecs revered the cacao bean for its health properties.

The Aztecs knew that this delicious bean was famous for healing the nervous system and improving digestion and elimination.

Other medicinal properties for which the Aztecs used cacao included alleviating fever, anemia, poor appetite, mental fatigue and poor breast milk production. It was also used for respiratory ailments, gout, kidney stones and low virility.

In recent years modern science has delved into the secrets of this amazing bean to discover that it’s the Theobromine, antioxidant flavanols, catecins , and many other body and brain enhancing elements contained in the bean that makes it such a powerhouse of medicine.

In fact, chocolate has been very recently cited by some top health professionals and researchers to be the single most exciting health food.

How is it possible that something that only recently was thought of as an unhealthy indulgence  is now being hailed as so remarkably beneficial? Answer – “chocolate” does not necessarily equal “cacao bean.”

Most chocolate candy and other chocolate products on the market contain low levels of cacao and high amounts of sugars, milk fat, and artificial flavorings.

In addition, the quality and processing of  cacao used in these products is often low due to alkalinization, refining, processing and over-roasting of the bean.

If you want the true health benefits that cacao can give you, choose only high cacao percentage dark chocolate, with a minimum of 75% cacao and even better, stick to at least 85% cacao. And for true healthy chocolate,  look for products that use organic cacao, and are soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

Source: BrainFood