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Chocolate as the Perfect Gift – When Did it Start?

December 14, 2012

The ancient Mayans (250-900 C.E.) are the first to have discovered how delicious cacao beans were when fermented, roasted, ground into a paste, then mixed with other ingredients (the Mayans used chili peppers and cornmeal, among others) to create a spicy chocolate drink. Sugar was unknown in ancient times.

When the Aztecs conquered the Mesoamerican lands in the 1400s, they, too, became enamored with the great cacao bean, and required that the people they conquered pay their tribute in cacao seeds. The Aztecs favored cacao beans above gold, and the beans soon became the society’s form of money.

Since the Mayans and Aztecs also used cacao beans, and the chocolate drink made from them, as gifts to their gods in religious ceremonies, you could say that the practice of giving chocolate as a precious gift originated here.

Used as it was in their religion, the Mayans and Aztecs considered the cacao bean and the chocolate drink made from it to be sacred. For this reason only the elite of their societies were allowed the privilege of drinking the beverage. These included the rulers, priests, and decorated soldiers, with an honored merchant occasionally included.

Enter the Spanish Conquistadors, who marched across Mesoamerica beginning in the first part of the 16th Century. Cortez had been sent by the Spanish king to seek out the gold known to be heavily used by the Aztecs. So Cortez and his men were surprised to find that the Aztecs did not use gold as their form of money, but instead prized the lowly looking cacao bean.

After watching the Aztecs enjoying a chocolate drink, the Spaniards indulged, became fans, and started shipping cacao beans back to Spain, resulting in Europe’s first contact with chocolate. Interestingly, although Columbus actually brought cacao beans back to the Spanish court years earlier, the Spaniards had no idea what to do with them, and it was left to Cortez to learn from the Aztecs the rich secret of cacao.

Anytime you are looking for the perfect chocolate gift, the perfect answer is Mayasa  – it’s  not only delicious but healthy chocolate, too!

Image Credit: maya-aztec.com



Healthy Chocolate Mayesa a Triumph at Natural Products Expo West!

December 13, 2012

Healthy chocolate is a hit! We had a successful – and fun! – time at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, this past weekend of March 8-11. And we met some new friends!

Karel and Ziggy Marley

Favio and Karel

Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party – Where We Party with Healthy Chocolate!

December 12, 2012

Let’s Party! Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. We’re joining the party with a giveaway for you! Just follow the instructions below to enter to win a 12-pack of Mayesa healthy chocolate drinks!

Mayesa is all about indulging in chocolate – healthy chocolate! Made from

What does a delicious Mayesa drink do for you? Besides allowing you to pamper yourself with decadent chocolate, you’ll also find that it energizes you, it replenishes you, it increases clarity, and it suppresses hunger.

A healthy chocolate Mayesa drink is great for breakfast, a mid-morning pick-me-up, as a way over the mid-afternoon slump, and is perfect for dessert in the evening. You’ll love giving it to your kids, too – knowing that they can now have a chocolate drink that is actually good for them.

Mayesa comes in two delicious flavors – Original Cacao, and Cacao Mint. (And here’s a secret – keep watch for the introduction of three new flavors this summer!)

It’s so great to have you here to visit. Please feel free to browse around and learn more about healthy cacao.

Here’s how to enter our Party giveaway:
Browse our web site at mayesa.com to learn about Mayesa and organic cacao, then  leave a comment on our blog below mentioning something you learned about healthy chocolate Mayesa that you think other mommy bloggers – and daddy bloggers, too! – would like to know.

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Make sure we have a way to reach you, by leaving your email in the comment. One winner will be chosen at random by using random.org. The contest ends April 20th at 11:59 EDT. We will announce the winner Monday April 23rd.

And, don’t forget to head over to the Ultimate Blog Party (#UBP12)! It’s a chance to win another 12-pack of delicious healthy chocolate Mayesa drinks! You’ll also discover many other great blog sites, and there’s prizes galore!

This is our first year participating in the Ultimate Blog Party, so, welcome! And thanks for learning more about Mayesa – the healthy chocolate drink!


Natural Products Expo West – Mayesa Will Be There!

December 6, 2012

Natural Products Expo West is being held March 8-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center, and we’ll be proudly displaying Mayesa!

And what does that mean for you? We’ll be talking with representatives from many different types of businesses who sell healthy products just like Mayesa. These businesses include conventional supermarket and grocery stores, gourmet specialty retailers, natural product chains, health practitioners, and natural food restaurants.

It’s amazing that just 30 years ago, natural and organic products were sold mostly by independent and co-op retailers, and the size of the industry was estimated at $2.4 billion. Today, natural and organic products are sold in almost every retail channel, and the industry is worth nearly $68 billion, according to Natural Foods Merchandiser’s “2009 Market Overview.”

We’re excited to be attending the largest natural, organic and healthy product trade show in the country!  This will bring our wonderful healthy chocolate Mayesa drinks to the attention of thousands of industry professionals.  Expo West will see our debut of three new flavors, and our brand-new packaging!

And soon you’ll have many more options of where to buy your favorite Mayesa drinks!

Where Does Healthy Chocolate Come From?

December 14, 2011

Cacao Flower

Sometimes something that tastes good really is good for you, too. And that’s the amazing fact about chocolate. In our article “A Healthy Chocolate Drink” we discussed the health benefits of chocolate. But exactly where does “chocolate” come from?

What we know as “chocolate” comes from the cacao tree, indigenous to the rainforests of South America. It originated in clumps along riverbanks in the Amazon basin on the eastern tropical slopes of the Andes. Today the cacao tree is cultivated all across the equatorial regions of the globe, in as far-flung places as Madagascar, the Congo, and Western Samoa.

The cacao tree requires some shade to grow, and thus is not damaging to rainforests, needing the rainforest canopy to protect it from the severe tropical sun. Large business cacao plantations, however, often clear areas for easier access to the trees and thus more profitable harvesting.

But many organic cacao farmers work with nature in assuring optimal growing conditions, creating smaller and “wilder” plantations. Utilizing the natural forest canopy not only protects the tree, but supports the habitat of the insects that pollinate the blossoms, as these insects also require humid shade.

Cacao seeds grow in pods that can range from 5 to 18 inches, and contain 30-50 white seeds. The seeds become reddish brown during the drying process. (There actually is a rare species of cacao in which the seeds remain white, most notably cultivated in Nicaragua.)

Interestingly, inside the pod the seeds are encased in a yellow, slippery pulp that is sweet and edible but tastes nothing like chocolate. In nature the pulp as an incentive for fruit-eating animals to break open the pod. The animals, especially monkeys, eat the pulp and spit out the seeds, thus dispersing the seeds and ensuring propagation of the tree species.

Cacao Seeds Inside Pod

The cacao plant was first given its botanical name, Theobroma cacao, by Swedish natural scientist Carl Linnaeus in his original classification of the plant kingdom. Linnaeus most appropriately used the Mayan word “cacao” which means “food of the gods.”

Which is exactly how we think of Mayesa – any drink that is rich chocolate and so chocked full of antioxidants and omegas that it’s really good for you – can only be a “food of the gods!”

Photo Credit Top: xocoatl.org

Photo Credit Bottom: Wikepedia.org


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