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5 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

December 17, 2014

aaaaMarch is National Nutrition Month, a way of making people aware of how good nutrition is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

It’s easy to enjoy foods in a healthy way, especially with Mayesa – a delicious healthy-chocolate drink that is chocked full of good nutrition.

Being aware of good nutrition is important because it is about how we nourish our bodies. Our bodies require healthy food to create and repair cells. The science of nutrition also focuses on how diseases, conditions, and problems can be prevented or lessened with a healthy diet.

Here are five ways to celebrate National Nutrition Month:

1. Make a Plan

If you create a weekly menu plan and coordinate it with your shopping list you will eat healthier, waste less food and time, and there’s less stress at dinner time.  You will find that a plan minimizes the last-minute dinner scramble, and helps you stick to healthier foods.

2. Fit in Those Fruits and Vegetables

It’s often easier to buy fruits and vegetables than it is to actually use up them before they become shriveled and brown.

Here are some suggestions on how to make sure you eat those fruits and vegetables:  (a) toss a variety of vegetables in olive oil, roast and then refrigerate, allowing you to have ready-made side dishes, snacks, or a meatless entree; (b) keep apples and oranges in the car for an after-gym snack, or when you get the munchies (you don’t want your car to automatically turn into that fast-food place); and (c) cut up salad fixings and keep prepared in the refrigerator, then just spoon out and serve.

Keeping Mayesa in the car is another sure way of sticking to a healthy snack when you’re on the go.

3. Eat More Earlier, Less Later

The more of your daily calories you eat earlier in the day the better. Instead of a light breakfast, or even no breakfast at all, and a heavy dinner in the evening, have a hearty breakfast and  a good lunch, both of which will keep you fueled through the day. A light supper will keep you from sleeping on a load of calories.

If you are rushed for breakfast, Mayesa is a good way to start your day, then have a hearty lunch.

4. De-stress Dinner

Don’t give in to the frantic question “What’s for dinner?” every night. That just begs for a quick answer – which might be easy but often not healthy.

Instead, try these tricks: (a) keep a menu plan; (b) organize dinner ingredients before you leave for work; (c) freeze  homemade soups, homemade pasta dishes, etc., ahead of time, then take out and defrost while you’re at work. Having salad ingredients already chopped and mixed and ready to go is another big help.

5. Earn your calories

In addition to planning meals, cooking with healthy ingredients, and practicing portion control, a healthy lifestyle includes physical activity.  Keeping physically active assists your body in properly utilizing all of that good nutrition.

There are many options to keeping physically fit, including: walking, running, going to a gym, playing a team sports, and using fitness apps or videos. You can also burn calories by taking stairs and parking farther from your destinations.

Good nutrition can: give you vitality and energy, boost your immune system, help beat tiredness and fatigue, and ward off serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

Celebrate National Nutrition Month – for your life!



Can Chocolate Keep You Slim? – A New Study

December 19, 2012

A new study has found that people who regularly eat dark chocolate (with a high percentage of raw cacao) tend to be thinner. The study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine and headed by Dr Beatrice Golomb, from the University of California at San Diego, showed that those who ate dark chocolate a few times a week were, on average, slimmer than those who ate it occasionally.

The study looked at diet, calorie intake, and body mass index (BMI) of almost 1,000 participants.

“Our findings appear to add to a body of information suggesting that the composition of calories, not just the number of them, matters for determining their ultimate impact on weight,” said Golomb. “Even though chocolate is loaded with calories, it contains ingredients that may favor weight loss rather than fat synthesis.”

Interestingly that link remained even when other factors, such as exercise, were taken into account. And it appears it is how often you eat chocolate that is important, rather than how much of it you eat.

The study found no link with the quantity that was consumed.

In addition, Dr Golomb and her team believe that antioxidant compounds found in raw cacao, called catechins, can even improve lean muscle mass and reduce weight. Mice fed for 15 days with epicatechin (present in dark chocolate) had improved exercise performance and observable changes to their muscle composition. Dr. Golomb says clinical trials are now needed to see if this is the case in humans.

The type of chocolate consumed is important. Most chocolate used in candy bars, chocolate milk, snacks and desserts contain low percentages of cocoa and large amounts of sugar and fat, which can cause obvious problems such as weight gain and onset of diabetes.

For the health benefits of chocolate be sure you eat dark chocolate which is listed as 70% or higher. The percentage indicates the amount of raw cacao in the product. The more raw chocolate the less sugar and fat. And drink Mayesa – a great way of indulging in healthy chocolate because it’s made from healthy organic raw cacao.

Great Changes in School Lunches for Healthy Kids

Michelle Obama is seen here joining students at Parklawn Elementary School in Alexandria, VA, for a healthy lunch of turkey tacos, black bean and corn salad, and fresh fruit, prepared by celebrity chef Rachael Ray

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2012 was signed by President Obama as a major step forward in America’s effort to provide all children with healthy foods in their schools.

Since then USDA guidelines are implementing  important provisions of the legislation, which includes significant improvements that will help provide children with healthier and more nutritious food options, educate children about making healthy food choices, and teach children healthy habits that can last a lifetime, says a White House statement.


Vending Machines With Healthy Snacks? True!

The push within the past several years to encourage Americans to make more healthy choices when it comes to meals and snacks has given rise to a seemingly unique concept – vending machines with healthy foods, instead of the ubiquitous candy bars, chips and sugary sodas.

A San Diego company, Fresh Healthy Vending Cafe, is on a mission – to provide people with those healthy food and beverage options. In its vending machines, you’ll find a variety of healthier drinks that are either low in sugar or naturally sugar-free.

Fresh Healthy Vending Café is the latest exclusive launch of Fresh Healthy Vending, a company that started in 2010 and is revolutionizing vending machines by filling them with healthy, natural and organic foods and beverages. Dubbed the “future of vending” Fresh Healthy Vending Cafe is already the largest Healthy Vending company in North America.

Fresh Healthy Vending Café offers franchised high-tech vending machines that are located in such places as workout facilities, hospitals, military bases, schools, and office buildings.

Besides such healthy alternatives to high sugar sodas as coconut milk, purified water, and herbal teas, you’ll find Mayesa. A healthy chocolate drink, Mayesa adds to the credibility of this new vending machine concept by showing that vending machines can carry snacks and drinks that are not only nutritious and healthy for you, but delicious and enjoyable as well.

Healthy Chocolate Mayesa a Triumph at Natural Products Expo West!

December 13, 2012

Healthy chocolate is a hit! We had a successful – and fun! – time at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, this past weekend of March 8-11. And we met some new friends!

Karel and Ziggy Marley

Favio and Karel

Natural Products Expo West – Mayesa Will Be There!

December 6, 2012

Natural Products Expo West is being held March 8-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center, and we’ll be proudly displaying Mayesa!

And what does that mean for you? We’ll be talking with representatives from many different types of businesses who sell healthy products just like Mayesa. These businesses include conventional supermarket and grocery stores, gourmet specialty retailers, natural product chains, health practitioners, and natural food restaurants.

It’s amazing that just 30 years ago, natural and organic products were sold mostly by independent and co-op retailers, and the size of the industry was estimated at $2.4 billion. Today, natural and organic products are sold in almost every retail channel, and the industry is worth nearly $68 billion, according to Natural Foods Merchandiser’s “2009 Market Overview.”

We’re excited to be attending the largest natural, organic and healthy product trade show in the country!  This will bring our wonderful healthy chocolate Mayesa drinks to the attention of thousands of industry professionals.  Expo West will see our debut of three new flavors, and our brand-new packaging!

And soon you’ll have many more options of where to buy your favorite Mayesa drinks!