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“As far as the new flavors, they are a wonderful addition to the lineup. The Mixed Berry is pretty sweet, almost dessert sweet, which I think makes it a perfect recovery flavor. The Banana is downright phenomenal. I was blown away by that flavor and excited that it didn’t have that *fake *banana taste. It’s my new fave flavor! I love your product and the new look. ”
Lacy Lynn

“I will be using Mayesa as my race day fuel. It tested really well on the bike and on the run. No stomach issues, it helped with fatigue, gave satiation on the bike and reignited my engine.

Mayesa will definitely de-stress me on the big race.”
Glenn Matanza
Tri-athlete, coach, trainer

“I am 90-years-old and enjoy my Mayesa every afternoon. I call it my afternoon bliss. It satisfies my hunger, and I never feel guilty drinking it because of all the good stuff in it. My granddaughters love it too. I recommend it for everyone!”

“After you gave me the sample when I met you back in May, all I can think about is Mayesa!! Your product is amazing. It’s a FANTASTIC alternative to coffee with none of the jittery, high-low feeling that coffee can give- it’s a great, sustained feeling of “bliss.” I drink one of these in the afternoon and immediately feel like I LOVE everything and everyone. One of the biggest reasons that I dig this drink is because it’s all-natural and the blissful feeling I get comes from the natural cacao, one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. Cacao is full of antioxidants, magnesium, chromium, Vitamin C, etc. How can such a great tasting food that makes you feel so good also be good for you??”
Matt Lytle

There are many reasons why a normal human being would like Mayesa. But, who cares about their opinion right now? My reasons are WAY different from any other fan.
My 5 reasons why I LOVE Mayesa!

  1. The delicious chocolaty taste that explodes in your mouth.
  2. Awesome package with a cap! I love not only the richness in every Mayesa, but the fact that I am helping my body become stronger and healthier.
  3. My last reason I love Mayesa is … there are so many flavors I could choose from, like I love the original, but sometimes I like to try new things. I love their new flavor: Banana

I am so excited to try some more awesome versions of Mayesa.

I could go on and on and on about the things I love in Mayesa. I want the whole world to enjoy the greatness of chocolate and building a stronger body. I hope that these reasons seem familiar to your taste, but everyone will have their own opinion.

Mayesa will improve millions of peoples’ bodies. Take me for example. I hate most fruits and veggies. With Mayesa, I feel like I’m just as a good eater as my eat-it-all sister. I hope the best comes for the awesome ladies who created Mayesa. I’ve got a feeling that they just started a Healthier Body And Nutrition Revolution!!!!!!”


“The Original and Mint flavors of Mayesa are available on Vitacost. I tried them out and – Wow! :) Chocolate drinks are almost always lacking in chocolate flavor for me, but these are just delicious. Plus – they have vegan fiber and protein. I’m having some health troubles at the moment, so supplemental beverages are helpful. I looked up your website and saw the Banana and Berry varieties and had to try them out. Unfortunately, my local health food store wasn’t able to order your products (hopefully that might change in the future), so I decided to buy directly from your site.

I want to say the Mint version of your drink is just divine! Rich, deep chocolate and cool, clean mint. It immediately brought to mind flavor-memories of long, long ago . . . a certain Girl Scout cookie which shall remain nameless and those pastel-and-cocoa after-dinner staples – minus the creepy fake green color, of course. :) Mayesa is like cocoa-mint-velvet. My only request would be for a larger size option – 8 ounces just disappears way too quickly! :D”

Karina O.

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